UPDATE: Panera Bread Doesn’t Care They’ve Offended Farmers

Because, despite various, pathetic attempts at apologies, they keep right on doing it. 
If you’ve missed the #PluckEZChicken controversy, read my article on it to catch up. After a hailstorm of tweets about Panera insinuating farmers were lazy, the company attempted some (fairly lame) apologies to farmers. 
Check this one out: 
We didn’t mean to offend anyone with those advertisements suggesting that those in your profession are lazy and looking to live on east street. No, seriously. 
But if the attempts at an apology weren’t insincere enough, Panera has kept right on misleading consumers about antibiotics in chicken. They haven’t pulled the advertising promoting their chicken as antibiotic free and they certainly haven’t back down on social media.
Check out this exchange: 

So, apparently a half-hearted apology to farmers because “whoops, we got caught” was supposed to satisfy us. On the other hand though, we weren’t supposed to notice that they’re continuing to tell consumers misleading information?

We only use antibiotics to keep our animals healthy, just like you’d give to your pets. But, we also adhere to strict regulations about what happens after we give an animal those antibiotics. Let me repeat information I’ve posted before:

Should I be concerned about antibiotics in my meat?

  • The FDA does not allow meat to be sold with traces of antibiotics above strict safety limits. The U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) performs scheduled, but random, testing of meat nationwide. According to FDA and FSIS regulations, livestock antibiotic use requires specific withdrawal times, or a set number of days that must pass between the last antibiotic treatment and the animal entering the food supply. This ensures the drugs have sufficiently cleared an animal’s system.

Panera should seriously be ashamed for these deceptive advertising scams in an attempt to make a quick buck. Instead of celebrating the hard work of our farmers, the care we give our animals, and our adherence to regulations meant to keep our food safe, they decided to throw us under the bus.

And they aren’t one bit sorry about it.

In the end, was it really worth ticking off the people that, quite literally, supply all of the food products you sell?

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  1. Apparently they just don't care (who they tick off)!I honestly can't believe the whole campaign or the slow and half-hearted response when confronted with the error of their ways. But, then again…yes, I can.This one got a lot of publicity for farmers. Maybe it made a difference that we just don't know about yet. Here's hopin'!

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